There are not always Allendale foreclosures available (as demonstrated in the chart of Allendale foreclosures below). As new foreclosures come on the market in Allendale we will automatically update this page with the current list. In the meantime, you can see a complete list of all homes in Allendale for sale or check out the free list of bank foreclosure homes. That list includes all foreclosures in Fort Collins and foreclosures in Loveland.

The following shows the top foreclosure subdivision in Northern Colorado ranked by number of foreclosures actively available for sale.

Rank Subdivision City # Foreclosures For Sale
1 Iowa Foreclosures Loveland 1
2 West Point Foreclosures Greeley 1
3 Creekside Homes Foreclosures Loveland 1
4 Meadowlark Foreclosures Longmont 1
5 Mountain Range Shadows Foreclosures Fort Collins 1
6 Houston Heights Foreclosures Greeley 1

Number Of Foreclosues In Allendale

The following chart shows the number of foreclosures in Allendale grouped by year.

Homes Listed, Sold and Foreclosed In Allendale

The following chart shows the number of homes listed for sale, number of homes sold and number of homes foreclosures in Allendale grouped by month.

Allendale Listed and Sold Historical Data

Percentage Of Total Number Of Homes in Allendale Listed, Sold and Foreclosed

The following chart shows the percentage of the total number of homes, that's 401, that were listed for sale, sold and foreclosured in Allendale grouped by year.

Allendale Percent Listed and Sold Historical Data

Discount or Premium For Allendale Foreclosures

The following chart shows the percentage of discount or premium from List Price for foreclosed homes in Allendale. It is important to note that this is not discount from fair market value, but discount from list price. We address discount from fair market value in the price per square foot chart next.

The chart above is showing a lot of data. The gray chart behind the foreclosure data is the biggest premium or discount paid for all homes sold in Allendale (all homes including foreclosures and private owner sales). I also show the median as the line in the middle of the gray area.

In front on the gray area is the foreclosure data in brighter colors. The green line is the largest premium paid for a foreclosure above the asking price (which is also called the list price). The red line is the biggest discount below asking price for foreclosures. The blue line is the average discount or premium for foreclosures. It is a discount if it is above the 0% line and a premium if it is below the 0% line.

The light yellow fill color is intended to set off the foreclosure data to more easily see the band of discounts and premiums.

Often the biggest take away people have from seeing this chart is that foreclosures are not always selling for discounts and that more often than you might imagine you are getting bigger discounts buying from a private owner than you're getting from a bank off list price.

Price Per Square Foot of Allendale Foreclosures

The following chart shows the price per square foot for all home sales in Allendale (in gray) and the price per square foot for Allendale foreclosures in brighter colors in the foreground.

Other Foreclosures In Loveland

The following shows a small sample of the current foreclosure homes for sale in Loveland ranked by price (lowest to highest).

Rank Address Status Price
1 221 W 57th St MLS For Sale $21,000
2 221 W 57th St MLS For Sale $21,500
3 411 E 10th St MLS Accepting Backups $104,900
4 1303 E 1st St MLS For Sale $149,900
5 492 Saint Louis Ave MLS Accepting Backups $157,500
6 4484 Radford Ave MLS Accepting Backups $172,900
7 1827 E 11th St MLS For Sale $184,300
8 920 Deborah Dr MLS Accepting Backups $185,000
9 540 Adams Ave 1-4 MLS For Sale $190,000
10 1344 E 1st St 1-3 MLS For Sale $190,000

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