Dakota Ridge Subdivision

If you're interested in Dakota Ridge check out the home listings for Dakota Ridge or check out my detailed, unique analysis of homes in Dakota Ridge below the property list.

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Dakota Ridge Homes For Sale

There are currently no homes for sale in Dakota Ridge.

Limited Home Sales Data For Dakota Ridge... For Now

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of sales data for Dakota Ridge, but as I get more data or as I organize the home sales data that I have and find more for Dakota Ridge I will add it and this page will automatically update.

In the meantime, if you are considering buying a home in Dakota Ridge I'd be happy to manually go and gather additional data for clients. Call me, James Orr, at (970) 225-6989 or contact me.

Special Lists of Dakota Ridge Homes For Sale

Often clients want to see special lists of properties for Dakota Ridge. Consider it done with these (unless you have a request for a different list... then contact me for that):

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the following lists are updated in real-time, there may be periods where they have no homes for sale on some of the lists. Check back often, setup yourself up a custom property search that automatically emails you or contact me and I can set it up an automatic search that emails you when specific matches for you are listed for sale.
  • Dakota Ridge Foreclosure Homes

Streets In Dakota Ridge

The following are the names of the streets in Dakota Ridge along with the number of homes that are located on that street:

Street Name # Homes On That Street In Subdivision
2700 to 2778 Coal Bank Dr 26 homes
2401 to 2437 Cochetopa Ct 13 homes
3200 to 3319 Creekstone Dr 13 homes
2400 to 2436 Cucharas Ct 13 homes
2401 to 2431 Kenosha Ct 11 homes
2600 to 2637 Little Bear Ct 13 homes
2700 to 2736 Maroon Ct 13 homes
3000 to 3019 Milner Ct 8 homes
3219 to 3313 Monarch Ct 11 homes
2400 to 2543 Pinecone Cir 18 homes
2700 to 2743 Red Cloud Ct 15 homes
2600 to 2643 Red Mountain Ct 16 homes
3100 to 3512 Red Mountain Dr 32 homes
3000 to 3013 San Luis Ct 6 homes
3100 to 3179 San Luis St 25 homes
2500 to 2630 Shavano Ct 19 homes
2406 to 2418 Ute Ct 5 homes
3206 to 3260 Wetterhorn Dr 13 homes
2600 to 2861 Willow Creek Dr 42 homes

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