Dakota Ridge Subdivision

If you're interested in Dakota Ridge check out the home listings for Dakota Ridge or check out my detailed, unique analysis of homes in Dakota Ridge below the property list.

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Dakota Ridge Homes For Sale

The following shows the current homes for sale in Dakota Ridge ranked by price (lowest to highest). Click on the property address to see my detailed analysis of that property or click on the MLS to see the Multiple Listing Service information including photos of the property.

Rank Address Status Price
1 2718 Red Cloud Ct MLS For Sale $328,000
2 2418 Cucharas Ct MLS Backups $335,000
3 3166 San Luis St MLS Backups $360,000

Dakota Ridge Home Price Discounts and Premiums

What if you had the ability to see just what type of discount buyers were actually getting when making offers to buy homes in Dakota Ridge? What that type of information be helpful to you as a buyer? How about as a seller? Yes, I agree... and that's why I am so excited to share with you the following chart showing the discount (or premium in some cases) of what people are paying for actual homes that sold in Dakota Ridge over time.


The chart above shows the percentage discount from list price for homes in Dakota Ridge for all homes sold (regardless of number of bedrooms).

The green "Biggest" line at the top of the filled in gray area shows the biggest discount ever for that year of sales in Dakota Ridge. These extreme discounts are often accompanied by exceptional circumstances and not likely to be repeated.The biggest discount from list price ever for Dakota Ridge was 7.77% in 2007.

Believe it or not, people do pay more than asking price for homes in Dakota Ridge. That is shown on the chart by the red "Smallest" line. Anytime that is a negative number, someone offered more than asking price. Granted this is usually because they have asked the seller to pay closing costs or pay down the interest rate on their loan or make another concession where the buyer and seller agreed that raising the price above asking price was a fair offer. The biggest premium over asking price ever for Dakota Ridge was 11.28% over list price (shown as -11.28% on the chart) in 1997.

What's The Typical Discount From List Price In Dakota Ridge?

The gray "Median" line and the blue "Average" line are much more representative of what you are likely to be able to replicate if you were to make an offer since these represent two forms of what is typical. Median is the middle most value (half of the values were higher and half were lower). Average is the sum of all the discounts and premiums divided by the number of sales.

The range of the biggest median discount to the biggest median premium is 2.92% to 0.00%. If you're looking for a good idea of what you can reasonably expect to get I'd use that range.

Discounts and Premiums From List Price Broken Down By Bedrooms in Dakota Ridge

That was just the entire Dakota Ridge subdivision. How about if you look at that data broken down by bedroom?




Dakota Ridge Subdivision Composition By Bedroom

Ever wondered if there was a 4 bedroom home in a certain subdivision like Dakota Ridge? Yes, me too. The chart below shows the breakdown of the number of each bedroom configuration for Dakota Ridge compiled from public records. I mention public records because from time to time, someone will add (or remove) a bedroom and just not happen to tell the city. When that happens it throws off my numbers (until the city finds out).

Dakota Ridge Bedroom

Last 2 Year's Average Price By Number of Bedrooms For Homes Sold in Dakota Ridge

Average Price by Bedrooms in Dakota Ridge

Are you looking to buy a 3 bedroom home in Dakota Ridge? What does a typical (in this particular case I mean average) 3 bedroom home in Dakota Ridge go for? Glad you asked. See the chart below to see the average price from actual recent sales for each bedroom configuration in the chart above.

Last 2 Year's Median Price By Number of Bedrooms For Homes Sold in Dakota Ridge

Median Price by Bedrooms in Dakota Ridge

Median does not equal averages... usually. This is especially true when there are some data points that are away from the group of typical values (like extreme highs and lows). So, I've also shown you the median price of a home in Dakota Ridge, broken down by number of bedrooms.

Last 2 Year's Average Price per Square Foot by Number of Bedrooms for Homes Sold in Dakota Ridge

Average Price per Square Foot by Number of Bedrooms in Dakota Ridge

But the home I am buying or selling in Dakota Ridge is bigger (or smaller) than the others. Does that have an impact? That's where we use average price per square foot to make adjustments.

In the chart above, I show you the average price per square foot broken down by number of bedrooms in Dakota Ridge.

Last 2 Year's Average Days on Market by Number of Bedrooms for Homes Sold in Dakota Ridge

Average Days on Market by Num of Beds in Dakota Ridge

My home will sell in 3 days for full price. Really?! While it is possible, having a more realistic expectation of the time it takes to sell a home in Dakota Ridge is probably a less stressful plan. You can see the breakdown of the average days on market (time it takes to sell) in the chart above broken out by number of bedrooms.

Historical Sales for Dakota Ridge

Dakota Ridge Listed and Sold Historical Data
Check out the number of homes listed for sale (by month) and the number of homes that actually sold in Dakota Ridge in the chart above.

Historical Sales As Percent of Total Number of Homes for Dakota Ridge

Dakota Ridge Percent Listed and Sold Historical Data
Using the same Dakota Ridge listing and sold data, the chart above shows you the percentage of the total number of homes in Dakota Ridge that were listed and sold. Remember, this chart is grouped by year.

Historical Price Per Square Foot Ranges for Dakota Ridge Homes

Is the price per square foot that I am about to pay to buy a home in Dakota Ridge a high price, a low price or about what the median is? Good question.

That question is answered in the charts below which show you the historical price per square foot of homes in Dakota Ridge.

With that data you can see what the trend for the high, low and median price per square foot has been with a variety of bedroom configurations in Dakota Ridge. Use it to better understand how to price your home for sale in Dakota Ridge or what to offer when buying a home in Dakota Ridge. Call me at (970) 225-6989 if you'd like the help of a professional real estate broker when buying or selling a home in Fort Collins or Loveland.

If you'd also like to see data on whether homes in Dakota Ridge have historical gone up or down over time (and how much), check out Dakota Ridge Appreciation Rates.




Occupancy Composition for Dakota Ridge

Dakota Ridge Occupancy Composition
The Dakota Ridge subdivision has approximately 3.53% of homes that are absentee owners... that means likely to be occupied by tennats and not the owner. This is estimated from public records data, but tends to be pretty accurate.

Special Lists of Dakota Ridge Homes For Sale

I've also put together some specialized property lists for your convenience that are automatically updated in real-time. Additional specialized lists of homes in Dakota Ridge:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the following lists are updated in real-time, there may be periods where they have no homes for sale on some of the lists. Check back often, setup yourself up a custom property search that automatically emails you or contact me and I can set it up an automatic search that emails you when specific matches for you are listed for sale.
  • Dakota Ridge Foreclosure Homes

Streets In Dakota Ridge

The following are the names of the streets in Dakota Ridge along with the number of homes that are located on that street:

Street Name # Homes On That Street In Subdivision
2700 to 2778 Coal Bank Dr 26 homes
2401 to 2437 Cochetopa Ct 13 homes
3200 to 3319 Creekstone Dr 13 homes
2400 to 2436 Cucharas Ct 13 homes
2401 to 2431 Kenosha Ct 11 homes
2600 to 2637 Little Bear Ct 13 homes
2700 to 2736 Maroon Ct 13 homes
3000 to 3019 Milner Ct 8 homes
3219 to 3313 Monarch Ct 11 homes
2400 to 2543 Pinecone Cir 18 homes
2700 to 2743 Red Cloud Ct 15 homes
2600 to 2643 Red Mountain Ct 16 homes
3100 to 3512 Red Mountain Dr 32 homes
3000 to 3013 San Luis Ct 6 homes
3100 to 3179 San Luis St 25 homes
2500 to 2630 Shavano Ct 19 homes
2406 to 2418 Ute Ct 5 homes
3206 to 3260 Wetterhorn Dr 13 homes
2600 to 2861 Willow Creek Dr 42 homes

What Do They Say About Asking What You're Doing Wrong?

So, how am I really doing with you? What can I do better? What is working great? Let me know with a comment below or contact me. I want to be the best Fort Collins and Loveland real estate agent by providing you with what you need.

Of course, if I can help you buy or sell a home in Fort Collins or Loveland, please contact me or call me at (970) 225-6989.

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