Loveland Cap Rates

The following shows the number of active properties for sale in Loveland grouped by Capitalization Rate. Capitalization Rate (also known as Cap Rate) is the return you'd expect to earn on the property if you purchased the property for cash and rented it out.

I am able to provide this data because I analyzed every new property for sale and every price changed property in the MLS priced below $350,000 for Capitalization Rate, Cash On Cash Return and Internal Rate of Return.

Capitalization Rate Number Active Properties Average Cap Rate For Range
7% to 8% 1 7.67%
6% to 7% 0 N/A
5% to 6% 4 5.58%
4% to 5% 33 4.38%
3% to 4% 34 3.54%
2% to 3% 12 2.59%
1% to 2% 1 1.68%
0% to 1% 59 0.00%
Less Than Or Equal To 0% 59 - 0.00%

Capitalization Rate Calculation Example

The following is an excerpt from a calculation I do for investor clients on all newly listed and new price change properties for sale. It walks you through--on a single property--how I calculate the Capitalization Rate that I use to create the tables above.

540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4 As An Investment

In the table below I'll be running some numbers on how 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4 might be as an investment. If you're planning to buy this to live in, this information will largely be worthless to you. If you're a real estate investor, it may prove to be invaluable.

Description Amount
Base Rent per Bedroom per Month $300 - $400
# Bedrooms × 4 = $1,200
Subdivision Rent Premium (Water Add) + 0% = $1,200
Home Age Rent Premium (built in 1908) + 0% = $1,200
Home Price Rent Premium (asking $190,000) + 5% = $1,260
Garage Rent Premium (0 garage spaces) + 0% = $1,260
Square Foot Rent Premium (2,304 square feet) + 3% = $1,296
Adjusted Base Rent $1,296
Vacancy Rate at 5% - $65 = $1,231
Property Management at 10% - $120 = $1,111
Property Taxes at $1,466/year - $122 = $989
Hazard Insurance (estimated based on price alone) - $63 = $926
HOA at $0 - $0 = $926
Owner Utilities ($150/vacancy) - $8 = $918
Maintenance Reserve at 12% (based on property age) - $144 = $774
Net Operating Income (NOI) $774

Let's now look at the Net Operating Income (NOI) for 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4 at $774 per month and see if it can support purchasing this property at some of the more common down payments for real estate investors.

Capitalization Rate for 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4

If you take the Net Operating Income that I've calculated as a monthly figure, convert it to a yearly amount by multiplying by 12 and divide it by the purchase price you can determine the Cap Rate or the Capitalization Rate for 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4. It turns out be 4.89%.

Will A 20% Down Payment Buying 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4 As A Real Estate Investor Give Me Positive Cash Flow?

If you put 20% down and purchased 540 Adams Ave, Unit 1-4, would the Net Operating Income be enough to cover the mortgage payment?

Well, the interest rate we've been discussing for owner occupied properties is 4.625% but for an investor loan where the owner will not be occupying there is often a small premium on the interest rate so I will use an interest rate of 5.125% for those calculations.

Negative Cash Flow

With 20% down payment, you'd be borrowing $152,000 at 5.125% for 360 months. That would give you payments of $827.62 per month. That's a deferred down payment (my nice way of saying negative cash flow) of about $53 per month.

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