Free List of Below Market Value Loveland Properties

Are you looking for deals? I specialize in finding deals by putting in the time required to find deals that are for sale below market value.

For example, below is a list of homes for sale in Loveland below the Larimer County Assessor’s market value. In most cases, Loveland properties sell for above assessed market value so finding properties that are listed below assessed market value is a good first filter to find homes that are selling at a significant discount.

I look for these properties for primarily three client groups:

  1. First, I find these properties for my investor clients looking for great buy, fix and resell opportunities to make tens of thousands of dollars quick-turning real estate.
  2. Second, I use this criteria and several key cash flow calculations for my investor clients looking to find below market properties as rentals to make hundreds of dollars each month in positive cash flow.
  3. And third, I find these properties for owner occupants looking to capture instant equity and get a great deal on a home they love.

Which type of client are you?

If you’d like to know more about the process I go through to find these properties and how you can do it manually yourself if you decide to not have me do it for you, I also have a presentation I did for the local Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group called Finding Fix and Flip Properties With At Least $30K in Profit In the MLS. You can watch the video version for free or download or download the MP3 audio version to listen as you enjoy our beautiful Northern Colorado while you’re out and about.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have redacted the addresses of properties so that I can better serve my clients by not drawing attention to significantly below market properties. My clients get my full assistance in buying below market valued properties (even the ones that have been blacked out).

If you are interested in buying below market properties, please contact me. The following are all in Loveland.

Rank Address Price Cap Rate Cash on Cash IRR $ Discount
There are no properties matching your search criteria.


  • Address - Click on the address to see the basic analysis of the property.
    • REO - If the property is an REO or lender owned, it will have this symbol next to the address.
    • SHORT - If the property is short sale, it will have this symbol next to the address.
  • MLS - Click on this to see the MLS information for this property.
  • Price - List price of property.
  • Cap Rate - Capitalization rate defined as yearly net operating income divided by the list price.
  • Cash on Cash - The first year's net operating income divided by the total cash required to purchase the property. While we show a variety of scenarios for cash on cash calculations in our analysis this table shows the cash on cash for self managed (no property manager) with the seller paying all allowable closing costs for acquisition.
  • IRR - The internal rate of return for buying and then selling the property after renting it for a 5 year period based on a variety of assumptions. See our full analysis of a walk through of the details.
  • $ Discount - The $ Discount is determined by taking the difference between the assessor's market value and the list price. Most homes sell for above assessed market value in Northern Colorado, so this is a pretty good indicator of under valued properties.

WHY THE SMALL NUMBER: You will notice that I display a maximum of 3 properties priced below assessed value. I have done this for the benefit of my clients. I want to share with you the list to show you some of them, but the best deals I want to give the clients I have that are looking for them the biggest advantage. Why not contact me to become a client and get the full benefit and the best deals?

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