Ridgewood Hills Appreciation Rate

If you are looking for historical price per square foot data of actual homes sold in Ridgewood Hills, then check out the chart directly below showing the high, low and median price per square foot of all homes sold in Ridgewood Hills over time.


To see historical price per square foot data of homes sold in Ridgewood Hills but broken out to show you just data for certain bedroom configurations, I do show that on the main Ridgewood Hills page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the reasons I am compiling this data is because I work closely with buyers of homes in Fort Collins and guarantee them the lowest monthly payment possible. I have a complete checklist I use to accomplish this, but one of the things I do is help make sure they are buying a home with the full knowledge of what is really going on in Ridgewood Hills or just about any other local subdivision. Call me, James Orr, at (970) 225-6989 or contact me for more information.

Historical Price Per Square Foot and Appreciation Rates For Ridgewood Hills

The following table shows the median price per square foot of homes sold in Ridgewood Hills as well as the change in price per square foot as the appreication rate from the median price per square foot from the previous year.

In summary, it then shows the median and average price per square foot and the median and average appreciation rates for the entire time period.

Year Median Price/Sq Ft Appreciation Rate
Ridgewood Hills 1997 $64.64/Sq Ft N/A
Ridgewood Hills 1998 $65.19/Sq Ft 0.84%
Ridgewood Hills 1999 $67.92/Sq Ft 4.19%
Ridgewood Hills 2000 $75.16/Sq Ft 10.66%
Ridgewood Hills 2001 $79.72/Sq Ft 6.08%
Ridgewood Hills 2002 $86.59/Sq Ft 8.61%
Ridgewood Hills 2003 $87.72/Sq Ft 1.31%
Ridgewood Hills 2004 $94.66/Sq Ft 7.91%
Ridgewood Hills 2005 $94.56/Sq Ft -0.11%
Ridgewood Hills 2006 $92.91/Sq Ft -1.75%
Ridgewood Hills 2007 $94.49/Sq Ft 1.70%
Ridgewood Hills 2008 $93.93/Sq Ft -0.59%
Ridgewood Hills 2009 $90.21/Sq Ft -3.96%
Ridgewood Hills 2010 $91.68/Sq Ft 1.64%
Ridgewood Hills 2011 $92.01/Sq Ft 0.35%
Ridgewood Hills 2012 $92.14/Sq Ft 0.15%
Ridgewood Hills 2013 $98.90/Sq Ft 7.34%
Ridgewood Hills 2014 $102.74/Sq Ft 3.88%
Median: $91.84/Sq Ft 1.64%
Average: $86.95/Sq Ft 2.84%

There are currently no homes for sale in Ridgewood Hills that are less than the average of the median price per square foot for the years of data I've shown.

Homes in Fort Collins With Price Per Square Foot Less Than $86.95/Sq Ft

The following shows the homes for sale in Fort Collins (not necessarily Ridgewood Hills) that are just below the average price per square foot for this subdivision ($86.95/Sq Ft).

Rank Address Status Price
1 709 Heather Glen Ln MLS For Sale $445,000
2 6802 Nimitz Dr 104 MLS For Sale $279,900
3 5372 Highland Meadows Ct MLS For Sale $369,900
4 986 Richmond Dr 4 MLS Accepting Backups $200,000
5 2502 Timberwood Dr 71 MLS Accepting Backups $160,000
6 6850 Kaslam Ct MLS Accepting Backups $330,000
7 3444 Carlton Ave MLS Accepting Backups $290,000
8 2326 Marshfield Ln MLS Accepting Backups $244,000
9 2420 Marshfield Ln MLS Accepting Backups $244,000
10 7200 Tamarisk Dr MLS For Sale $315,000
11 1101 Lory St MLS For Sale $448,000
12 615 Peyton Dr MLS Accepting Backups $275,000
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