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Copy one of these example investing strategies into a free Real Estate Financial Planner™ account based on the book How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income by James Orr. A few of them are listed below but you can find a complete list of the 50+ Scenarios at

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Market Statistics


Side Hustle

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  • Free copy of the Nomad™ book describing what the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy is and the 5 major types of Nomads™.
  • Free access to live investing classes and networking with other successful local real estate investors in Fort Collins about 45 times a year (since 2003).

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Financial Independence Retire Early

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Personal Development

See list of upcoming class topics at or if you missed a recent class check out the podcast for the most recent class recordings.

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James Orr Real Estate Services LLC (JORES) believes in adding massive value to folks considering becoming a client in Northern Colorado through classes, downloads, and tools. Some folks will choose to become clients that buy or sell properties with JORES representing them as their real estate brokers in Northern Colorado. JORES believes in adding even more value to clients that hire us to represent them.

The following resources are FREE to folks considering becoming a client (NCREIG Silver Members) after meeting with James to discuss your real estate buying, selling, or investing needs.

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Getting Started


Preferred Lenders

Money and Financing

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If, after meeting with James, you and James believe it would be a good fit to work together to help you buy, sell or invest in real estate in Northern Colorado with James Orr Real Estate Services, you can choose to become an NCREIG Gold Member and unlock additional resources.

If you’re actively working with James Orr Real Estate Services LLC to buy or sell a home, we consider you an NCREIG Gold Member. Actively working with JORES means:



Comparable Sales

Deal Analysis

Property Inspection

Market Stats


Money and Financing

Multi-Family Charts and Market Stats

The Nomad™ Real Estate Investing Strategy

Paperwork and Contracts

Property Management and Tenant Screening

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The following resources are free to buyers or sellers who have previously purchased or sold a property with James Orr Real Estate Services LLC.

Class recordings on asset protection:

Classes on bookkeeping and accounting for your rentals:

Class recordings on managing your rental properties:

Class recordings on deal analysis:

Class recordings and resources covering the lease we use for rental properties:

Classes on real estate investing partnerships:

Class recordings on financing:

Class recordings reviewing the annual and semi-annual market statistics:

Monthly reports on the housing market:

More posts: JORES VIP Client - Market Stats Monthly

Classes on wholesaling real estate:

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