Absentee Owner Mailing List

The Absentee Owner Mailing List is a mailing list of owners of properties that are likely to not live in their property. The address to have the tax bill sent to the owner goes to an address other than the property address.

Since these Sellers usually do not live in the property they are usually Real Estate Investors. They can be less emotional about their properties. They can be more likely to understand that you are buying for a return on your money.

Filtering this list to find recent buyers can help you find potential Buyers for your Buyer’s List.

Getting The Mailing List

You can often get this mailing list from your local Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker or from your local Title Company. You can also get it from a Mailing List Broker, but it will probably be much more expensive. A fourth option is your Tax Assessor’s office.

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