Annotated Lease

The Annotated Lease you are trying to access is reserved for JORES VIP Clients who have received a copy of the $5,000 Lease from James. If you are already a JORES VIP Client with access to the $5,000 Lease please be sure to login and try again.

If you are a JORES VIP Clients who has bought or sold a home with James Orr Real Estate Services and would like access to the $5,000 Lease as well as the Annotated Lease please copy the below text and email it to When you are approved he will provide you access.

Hi James…

I think you mentioned that you have a lease that you had reviewed by your attorney.

I realize that I will absolutely need to have it reviewed by my own attorney and have my attorney modify it to fit my personal needs, but you mentioned you might be willing to send over a copy of the lease docs to me to use as a starting point.

I know you’re a little paranoid and I promise you that I will not (in any way) hold you responsible if there is something in there that is not right or causes me or the tenants harm… that’s why I’m going to have it reviewed by my own attorney. Having my own attorney review it will protect me and you.

Also, I promise that I won’t share it with anyone else because I appreciate that this is something you’re only willing to do for great clients like me.

Thanks and you’re an amazing Realtor James. I tell people how amazing you are all the time.

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