BCC Highrise

Use this checklist to learn how to blind carbon copy (BCC) your Highrise account so that the email you are sending gets included your contact history on Highrise. If the contact does not exist in Highrise, then Highrise will add a new contact for you so you can track your history with that contact in the future as well.

If you have not yet setup your email program to have the Highrise email dropbox address as a contact for ease of adding, I recommend you do that. See the checklist below. Otherwise, here are the steps for sending an email and having a BCC go to Highrise.

  • In the BCC field (yes, it must be the BCC field and not any others) on your email include your Highrise email dropbox address.
    • You can get your Highrise email dropbox address from your Highrise account under the “My info” link and then under the section for “Email dropbox”
    • It will look something like dropbox@83738822.YourAccountName.highrisehq.com but will be different as it will have a different number and different YourAccountName.
    • When you send out the email from an address you have registered with your Highrise account under the “My info” link at the upper right, Highrise will automatically attach the email to the contact you send it to and show it as an email from you in your Highrise account.
    • If the contact does not exist in your Highrise account, Highrise will make a contact for you.
  • After I send an email and BCC Highrise, I almost always go to the contact and do three things:
    • Decide when the next time I’d like to contact that person would be and create a task to follow up based on that.
    • Update contact info from the email I recieved if there is anything new.
    • Update Highrise Tags for any changes relating to the contact.

Setting Up Your Highrise Email Dropbox Address As A Contact

Instead of having to type of the entire Highrise email dropbox address each time I send an email, I added the Highrise email dropbox address to my contacts list with the name Dropbox. That way I can just start typing “dropbox” in my BCC field and it will automatically enter the correct Highrise email dropbox address for me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Highrise email dropbox address should NOT be confused with Dropbox (what we use to backup and share files).

Highrise offers the ability to download a vCard with Highrise email dropbox addresses in it for your convenience if you’d prefer to use that.

You can also use this feature to add tasks to your Highrise account as well. I personally do not use the feature for adding tasks.

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