Buyers List

A Buyers List, often called Wholesale Buyers List when referring to the list of investor buyers that want wholesale priced real estate properties, is a list of potential buyers of your properties (or Tenant Buyers in the event of offering a Rent To Own or Lease Option) that you market to which allows you to cut down on vacancies, get top dollar for both rent and sales price and sell your properties faster and with less trouble.

I strongly encourage all Wholesalers , Team Leaders, Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Investors to build a Buyers List from day one of their real estate investing careers and every day for as long as they are actively investing.

For more information on how to actually build a Buyers List, use the Wholesaler Marketing For Buyers checklist.

Strategies For Quickly Starting Or Strengthening A Buyers List

If you are looking for a fast way to generate a Buyers List here are some recommended strategies for quickly building a Buyers List:

  • Absentee Owner Postcards
  • Contacting For Sale and For Rent Ads On CraigsList
  • Networking at your local real estate investor club


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