Contact CraigsList For Rent Ad Checklist

Use this checklist to find sellers and build your buyers list that might be a good fit for you by going through the properties “For Rent” on CraigsList.

Properties being offered for rent can often be good indicators that the seller might consider a lease option or owner financing.

Wholesaling Lease Option agreements can be a great way of generating immediate cash flow.

  • Login to your Google Reader account so you can see which “For Rent” ads you’ve viewed and replied to.
    • You should be tagging ads that you’ve passed on and contacted so that you know which ones you’ve already processed.
  • Click on the link for your “For Rent” subscription and start with the first unread ad and process each one in order until you’ve either gone through all of them OR until you’ve exceeded your alloted time for marketing today.

Not Interested In Property In Ad

If the ad is for a property that outright does not fit your criteria (for example it is outside of your target geographic market) then tag the ad with the tag “Pass”. You may still want to make contact to build your buyers list.

The keyboard shortcut for bringing up the tag box is “t”.

Once you have tagged the add with “Pass”, then you can use the keyboard shortcut “j” to move to the next ad.

Possibly Interested In The Property In Ad

If the ad is for a property that might fit your criteria, then you will want to look at the ad and consider contacting the landlord to see if they would consider a lease option or outright selling the property (with our without owner financing).

Use the keyboard shortcut “v” to view the original ad on CraigsList directly.

Check To See If The Seller/Property Is Already In Highrise

If it still looks interesting, check to see if the landlord/seller/property is already in Highrise by using the Check To See If This Person Is Already In Your Highrise Account. Most of the time with CraigsList ads you will NOT have their real email so you will need to use:

  • The person’s name (not always available either)
  • Address of the property (most common)
  • And/or phone number (not always available either)

Check To See If They’re In Your Seller Property Information Files Already

If the address of the property is included in the CraigsList ad, then also look up the address in your Seller Property Information Files folder on Dropbox to see if you (or someone you’re working with) has already added the property and you just do not have enough information to find them in Highrise.

If you have the property address and do not find the Seller Property Information Files in Dropbox, go ahead and make a new Seller Property Information File and place it in 1. Initial Call Back.

If you have not yet setup Dropbox you will want to do that.

Email Templates

Use a personalized CraigsList For Rent Ad Email Reply Templates to send an email to the email address listed on the CraigsList ad or call them using the Initial Call Back Script. Be sure to BCC Highrise so that you can create a contact record (if one does not exist) and start documenting your contact with this potential seller/landlord about this particular deal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Typically, you will get a better response by picking up the phone and calling using the Initial Call Back Script.

Update Highrise Tags

When your email to the landlord/potential seller is received and added to your Highrise account (from including a BCC to Highrise) you will want to add the following Highrise Tags to your landlord/seller record or merge that contact with your existing contact and make sure you have the following Highrise Tags:

  • CraigsList For Rent Ad – Use if you are documenting where your deals come from. This one came from a CraigsList For Rent Ad.
  • Real Estate Investor – They are a real estate investor if they own property and are renting it out. This is what I use as a baseline for my buyers list.
  • Initial Call Back – They are in the Follow Up Lead Status For Sellers of Initial Call Back.
  • If you are tracking which city your buyers list is for (especially if you are wholesaling in more than one market) then be sure to enter that. For example, I might add a tag for Fort Collins, CO if they are in the Northern Colorado area.

Update Highrise Task

Create a new task for the contact in Highrise to follow up with them “Next Week” in the task category “Initial Call Back” in case they do not reply to you before then.

Processing Replies To Your Contact With Real Estate Investors and Potential Sellers

As you get replies to your email you will process in one of two ways.

Processing Sellers

If they reply and that reply indicates that they have become sellers and would consider selling their property (or doing a lease option), then process them like any other seller in the Initial Call Back status as you process your Sellers Chekclist daily.

Processing Real Estate Investors

If they reply and that reply indicates that they are real estate investors you will want to follow up with them as part of your buyers list follow up from the Buyers Checklist.

Mark As Processed With Google Reader

Return to the Google Reader web browser tab and use the keyboard shortcut “t” in Google Reader to bring up the tag box and being typing the tag “Interested” to mark this ad as on you are interested in.

Once you have tagged the ad with “Interested”, then you can use the keyboard shortcut “j” to move to the next ad and repeat the process.


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