CraigsList For Rent Ad Email Reply Templates

Use the following email templates when replying to “For Rent” ads on on CraigsList.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to personalize and edit these before sending blindly. Also, variation is critically important to avoid CraigsList blocking emails that are too similar as you reply to more than one “For Rent” ad.

Sample #1

I noticed your 3/2 property for rent on CraigsList. I have some folks that I am working with that are looking for something they rent but that they will ultimately buy. Would you consider renting the property with an option to buy (lease option)?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Sample #2

I just came across your 4 bedroom, 2 bath property for rent. Would you consider selling it? I am looking for more investment properties that I can rent where the numbers make sense.

Also, are you looking for more properties? I occasionally come across a property either at a time when I have more than I can handle or that just doesn’t quite fit my own portfolio’s criteria. If you’d be interested in those, let me know and I can find out a little more about what you’re looking for so I can keep an eye open for you as well.


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