This is my CraigsList For Real Estate Investors™ page. CraigsList is a popular on-line community that allows the posting of ads similar to Classified Ads.

We use CraigsList as real estate investors to do several things including:

You may be interested in using our Posting Ads On CraigsList page for additional info.

Using CraigsList To Explode Your Real Estate Investing Business

Posting Ads versus Replying To Ads

  • Some people will reply to ads
  • Some people will not
  • Some people will post ads
  • Some people will not
  • When posting your ads can drop down the page fast especially in very busy categories
  • Responding to ads can give you a large number of people to contact

Why I won’t give you an exact ad to run?

  • Duplicate ads are blocked.
  • You can run 3 different ads for the same thing in fast moving categories
  • Your personality in your marketing is an important factor

Why I am not afraid of competition with you posting

  • I could not possible cover a fast moving category by myself
  • Helping those that I am connected with makes my entire network stronger ultimately helping us all

Ads to Post (and Why)


Post actual deals:

  • To find other investors and build your list of buyers
  • It helps if you have some wholesale deals or share with them a list of ones you are considering

Examples deal ads:

  • Fixer Uppers
  • Handyman Specials
  • Distressed
  • Foreclosures
  • Bank Owned

General format for the ads

  • I have a list of some excellent [fixer uppers] in the [City] area.
  • Go on to describe the types of properties in the list.
  • Then encourage them to contact you for the list.

Partner Wanted

  • Category
    • Real Estate For Sale with a particular property in mind
      • Real Estate Services
  • To find potential money partners (or deal partners) and build your buyers list

Owner Can Help Finance or Rent-To-Own

  • To find tenant buyers that would want to buy properties so you can reverse wholesale
  • To find potential buyers for your deals (especially ones with Owner Financing)

Private Money Wanted

  • There are laws about running these ads. Make sure you are in compliance. I suggest you call your Attorney and/or Pre-Paid Legal.
  • To find lenders who will lend you money to buy deals or who can lend money to your buyers/investors to buy your deals

Dream Team Member Ads

  • Various ads to find various members of your Dream Team

Ads To Reply To (and why)

  • For Sale By Owner Ads
  • For Rent Ads
    • Find investors and good property managers
  • Other Investor’s Ads
    • To build your buyers list

Use Google Reader or other RSS reader to keep track of the ads you’ve read and replied to.

Response Rates

  • Can vary significantly from city to city, category to category and ad to ad
  • A typical house for sale or list type ad might get one or two responses per time posted. Or, it might take posting the ad 4 times to get one reply.
  • Great ads can pull 10 responses or more in a day for what we are doing
  • If a category is fast moving, then your response may be strong at first and drop often significantly as it rolls down the page


  • What is Flagging?
  • Ads will be flagged and removed
  • Do not take it personally
  • In the past I’ve often reposted flagged ads multiple times per day
  • Some of my most effective ads, get flagged very quickly, but I still get amazing response to them when they are up
  • Some ads that are flagged often, occasionally don’t get flagged and stay up. When I repost them, they often get flagged and removed. Go figure.


  • What is Ghosting?
  • How do you know if it is happening to you?
  • How do we combat Ghosting?
  • Known or suspected issues related to Ghosting:
    • Posting too frequently from one IP address or account
    • Posting to a city not close to that IP address
    • Posting to numerous cities from one account
      • Especially similar ads in the same category

Effectiveness Of CraigsList Versus Competitors

As you can see in the Google Trends image below, CraigsList is the most popular of the other classified ad type websites like Kijiji (not eBay Classifieds) and Backpage:

CraigsList vs eBay Classifieds vs Backpage
Popularity of CraigsList vs eBay Classifieds vs Backpage

To see an updated version of this image with the latest trends, use the CraigsList vs. Kijiji vs. Backpage link.

Accessing CraigsList

You can access CraigsList at:

However, you may also want to keep track of which ads you’ve read (and replied to) by using a RSS reader like Google Reader.

If you need help, you can also see on How To Login To CraigsList.

CraigsList is considered a type of Media (one of the Three Ms of Marketing).


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Bonus Presentation For Platinum Members

For Platinum Members and above, I also have a presentation I did called How To Earn Six Figures A Year From CraigsList.

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