Evans Property Managers

As I write this, a client of mine has a multi-family property under contract and heading toward closing. I do not offer Property Management services, so I offered to call a few Property Managers that service Evans and gather some basic information for him using the Property Manager Interview Questions.

This is something extra I do for my clients as a Real Estate Agent.

So, here is some basic information about some companies that provide property management in Evans. If you happen to be one of these companies and your policies/rates have changed, you can contact me.

WARNING: Please verify these before hiring any of these companies.

Description of ServiceEcho SummitTrue AbundanceVintage365 REAL
Base Property Management Fee210%8.5-10%8-10%10%
Discount For Multiple Propertiesacceptacceptacceptaccept
Setup/Initial Fee For First LeaseNoneNoneNoneNone
New Lease Fee$200NoneNoneNone
Renew Lease Fee$50NoneNoneNone
Monthly Fee If VacantNoneNoneNoneNone
Maintenance (Normal Business Hours)$59/hr3$45-50/hr6$35/hr1$40/hr
Maintenance (After Business Hours)$59/hr5$35/hr$40/hr
Maintenance (Holidays)$59/hr5$35/hr$40/hr
Mileage for MaintenanceNoneNoneNone
Can Call For Rent When Buyingaccept4acceptacceptaccept
Phone #(970) 286-2660(970) 352-5732(970) 353-3000(970) 506-0615


1 Billed in 1/4 Hours.
2 Typically percentage of gross rents collected.
3 Only for their in-house resources, otherwise the vendor fees apply. They also wanted me to know they change their rates from time-to-time.
4 Within reason.
5 Can be more depending on vendor, but “as of now” they do not mark this up.
6 They do not have someone on staff, so it really is whatever the vendor charges.

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