Free And Clear Mailing List

The Free And Clear Mailing List is a mailing list of owners of properties that are likely to own their property Free And Clear of all encumbrances like mortgages.

It is a harder mailing list to compile than many others, but it is a great list for marketing to because of the added flexibility in deal structuring when you do find someone who wants to sell that is on the list.

Since these sellers usually own their property free and clear (or have very low mortgage balances), they are not usually desperate to sell immediately. This often means that you can expect a longer sales process and will need to follow up to keep your closing ratio high.

Sellers can also become a great source of Private Money as well although I would not recommend that you make your offer to buy and presentation for Private Money at the same meeting. Instead, exhaust your buying efforts with your Seller Presentation and follow up and then return with your Private Lender Presentation if you are unable to come to terms to buy the property.

Getting The Mailing List

You can often get this mailing list from your local Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker by explaining exactly what it is you are looking for (people with no or very low mortgage balances) or from your local Title Company. You can also get it from a Mailing List Broker, but it will probably be much more expensive. A fourth option is your Tax Assessor’s office.


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