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The Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Focused on Northern Colorado

The Real Estate Investing Podcast has a sampling of some of our most recent and most interesting real estate investing classes… over 12 hours of real estate investing training and classes. Content changes and updates most weeks with the newest class recording releases. Older classes go to the vault as additional resources and perks for members.

Search the MLS for Northern Colorado Properties

James Orr Real Estate Services LLC offers real estate brokerage services to help buyers and sellers in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. Search for properties using the Northern Colorado Property Search tool. More advanced and some proprietary search tools are available to clients.

If you’re looking to buy fixer upper types properties, we have a series of specialized property searches to help clients looking to buy properties that need work where they can add some sweat equity or properties they can buy, fix up and resell to generate some extra income. Here’s the list of special property searches:

Find a Professional or Business in Northern Colorado

Looking for a referral to a professional or business in Northern Colorado? Check out our free Referral Directory.

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