Highrise Tags

I recommend that you use Highrise for your contact management and Highrise relies heavily on using tags for group and categorizing contacts.

The following is what I recommend you use for Highrise Tags in your real estate business.

General Tags

Use general tags to group people that don’t really fit into the other tag groups below like:

  • Family – For family members
  • Added By James – If you have more than one person working with you on Highrise, sometimes it helps to be able to easily see contacts by who brought them into the database. You might have a tag like “Added By Charlie” if Charlie is working for you and may be adding contacts.
  • Business Owner – If the person owns a business, they get this tag. All other things being equal, my preference is to work with business owners, so this is important to me.
  • Alert Setup – I set up alerts that are sent to me about homes that come up for sale in the neighborhood where people live so I can let them know. If I have set up the alert for myself, I tag them with Alert Setup so I know it is done.
  • Facebook – I use this to determine if this person is a friend on Facebook.
  • And as many more as you want to use…

Top X Contacts

  • 10 – For your Inner Circle or top 10 people you want to associate most with.
  • 50 – For your Allied Resources or top 50 people are most likely to refer to.
  • 100 – For your outer circle of top 100 people you want to associate with.
  • 250 – For your met database of top 250 people you want to stay in touch with.
  • 500 – For your met database of top 500 people you want to stay in touch with.

Activity Partners

  • Golf – Yes, Golf – No, Golf – Unknown – Tags showing whether they are potential golfing buddies.
  • Run – Yes, Run – No, Run – Unknown – Tags showing whether they are potential running buddies.
  • Games – Yes, Games – No, Games – Unknown – Tags showing whether they are potential game night buddies.
  • Movies – Yes, Movies – No, Movies – Unknown – Tags showing whether they are potential movie buddies.
  • Will probably add more to these as I become more clear.

Tags About Likeliness To Refer

These are based on Brian Buffini’s system.

  • Group A+ – The people who send you multiple referrals.
  • Group A – The people most likely to refer to you.
  • Group B – The people who would refer to you if asked and shown how.
  • Group C – The people who might refer to you in the future.
  • Group D – The people to be deleted from your database.

Follow Up Lead Status For Sellers

Use these tags to keep track of where sellers are in your system. See Follow Up Lead Status For Sellers for details on what each means, but here are the tags:

  • Initial Call Back
  • Research
  • Make Offer
  • Offer Made, Follow Up
  • Under Contract To Buy
  • Bought It
  • Dead (or a more politically correct version would be Inactive)

Follow Up Lead Status For Buyers

Use the following tags for your buyers and buyers list:

  • Buyer Initial Call Back
  • Active Buyer (or just Buyer)
  • Tenant Buyer
  • Tenant (or Renter if you prefer but we use Tenant)
  • Dead (or Inactive)
  • Past Tenant (or Past Renter)
  • Past Tenant Buyer

Profession/Dream Team Member Tags

Use these tags for each profession/dream team role that people have (they can have more than one you know). Don’t forget about tags for people you hire or have do work for you. Here are just some examples:

  • Bird Dog
  • Wholesaler
  • Team Leader
  • Regional Manager
  • Regional Director
  • Acquisition Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Private Money Lender
  • Private Money Coordinator
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Title Company
  • Attorney
  • And many more…

Geographic Tags

Since I’ve run a national wholesaling business in 280 markets, it becomes increasingly more important to be able to know where your contacts are located geographically. So, I use (and recommend you do it too) geographic tags to group contacts into major US markets.

For example, you might use tags like:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Fort Collins, CO (I personally use just “Fort Collins” without the State but use State everywhere else)
  • Denver, CO
  • And so on…

It is critically important that you understand I am not using EVERY city that people live in as a tag… I am generalizing smaller towns into major US markets. For example, smaller towns and even cities around Fort Collins, CO would all be grouped into the tag Fort Collins, CO.

Marketing Source

If you’re a freak about tracking your marketing like I am, maybe you want to create tags to track either marketing campaigns (I am not that freakish… yet) or at least the source like:

  • CraigsList Ad – For when you run an ad.
  • ODesk Ad – For when you run an ad on ODesk
  • eBay Classifieds Ad – For when you run an ad on eBay Classifieds
  • Responding To CraigsList Ad – For when you respond to someone else’s CraigsList ad.
  • Newspaper Classified Ad
  • Referral From John Smith

What is nice about tracking source is that it is easy to pull up a report using tags of how many houses you bought and how you found them. Worth looking at.

Hiring Tags

  • Bird Dog Applicant
  • Wholesaler Applicant
  • Team Leader Applicant
  • Regional Manager Applicant
  • Regional Director Applicant
  • Private Money Coordinator Applicant
  • Offered Bird Dog Position
  • Offered Wholesaler Position
  • Offered Team Leader Position
  • Offered Private Money Coordinator Position
  • And so on…
  • Employment Application Received
  • Employment Agreement Received
  • Telephone Interview Scheduled
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Received (or IC Agreement Received)
  • Completed Bird Dog Training
  • Completed Team Leader Training
  • Hired Bird Dog
  • Hired Wholesaler
  • Hired Team Leader
  • And so on…

Miscellaneous Tags

Highrise Tags when receiving Seller Property Information Files from Bird Dogs:

  • From Bird Dog [BIRD DOG NAME] – Use the name of the Bird Dog so we can see all the Sellers we’ve received from any given Bird Dog.

Highrise Tags when assigning Seller Property Information Files to Wholesalers:

  • To Wholesaler [WHOLESALER NAME] – Use the name of the Wholesaler so we can see all the Sellers we’ve referred to any given Wholesaler.

Affiliation With Groups or Clubs

If a contact is a member of a specific group or club that I am a member of, I also use tags to keep them organized. For example:

Combining Tags

Highrise allows you to sort through contacts using more than one tag so you do not need to combine tags unless you really have a compelling reason to do so.

For example, you can easily find all the Real Estate Agents in Denver, CO by using both the Real Estate Agent tag and Denver, CO in your search for the contacts that match that on the tags page in Highrise.