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Need immediate access to the resources and tools for bird dogging and do not want to wait for us to cover it in the normal Real Estate Bird Dogging For Immediate Income? Well, then consider upgrading your account to Jump Start Bird Dog Training.

By upgrading you will get immediate access to the following resources that will automatically integrate in with your existing checklists, systems and training materials on jamesorr.com including your Bird Dog Daily Checklist.

It Is All About Instant Access

Do you want it now? Then the Jump Start Bird Dog Training is for you with instant access to the following resources.

Bird Dog Daily Checklist

With this Jump Start Module you will get instant access to the following main checklists:

Bird Dog Goals Checklist

To paraphrase Stephen Covey: begin with the end in mind. Review the goals of Bird Dogs with instant access to the following resources that will help you focus on what you want to accomplish:

Downloadable Goals Worksheet

Plus, you’ll get access to our Goals Worksheet in PDF and editable Microsoft Word for help in setting your goals.

Bird Dog Daily Marketing Checklist

Learn powerful marketing for finding the best deals to research and for finding additional Real Estate Wholesalers for bird dogging deals to:

Bird Dog Sellers Checklist

Learn how to research properties like a professional with the first few key steps in the entire buying system that deal with finding and researching properties including preparing a complete Seller Property Information File for assigning to a Real Estate Wholesaler:

Plus you will learn about what happens to the properties you research after you’ve assigned them to your Real Estate Wholesaler with the following additional Follow Up Lead Status For Sellers:

Quickly And Easily Prepare Seller Property Information Files

You get access to everything you need as part of your Seller Property Information File including downloadable Property Information Sheets, Net Operating Income Worksheets, Property Inspection Checklist – Interior and Property Inspection Checklist – Exterior plus much more.

Mastering Calls With Sellers

As a Bird Dog that is primarily doing research you may not need the following modules, but in case you decide to be the type of Bird Dog that calls sellers (check with your attorney first for local laws to make sure you do not need to be licensed) we also include the following training materials including information on how to handle the Initial Call Back of a seller.

Beyond the Initial Call Back Script that is used in the Initial Call Back Checklist you get access to we also provide several hours of training including Real Estate Investor Daily Training Volume 1, Calls With Sellers Volume 1, Calls With Sellers Volume 2 and three episodes of The James Orr Show (episode 2010-10-11, 2010-10-12 and 2010-10-13) that give you everything you need to become an expert at talking with sellers and setting up the appointment to see and purchase the property.

Bird Dog Dream Team Checklist

Learn how to build and work with key dream team members as a Bird Dog including:

Working With Title Companies

Finding the right Title Company that can properly handle your Wholesaling transactions is critically important. Use the Title Company Interview Questions to find the right Title Company that can allow you to do wholesale deals without you worrying about funding the deals, Subject To deals where you agree to take over payments on existing seller financing and Owner Financing deals where the seller agrees to finance part of all of your purchase of their property. Plus, Title Companies are great resources for getting Free And Clear Mailing Lists and lists of Absentee Owners.

Bird Dog Business Management Checklist

Learn how to run the business side of your real estate Bird Dog enterprise with instant access to the following resources:

Automate Your Business With A 24 Hour Recorded Information Line

As part of the Bird Dog Business Setup Checklist you will learn how to setup a 24 Hour Recorded Information Line. You get access to our Telephone Scripts including a Sample 24 Hour Recorded Message To Buy and a written script of the 24 Hour Recorded Message To Buy to easily record your own.

Hire Virtual Assistants To Do A Lot Of The Work For You For Pennies On The Dollar

I ran the largest real estate wholesaling business ever operating in 280 US cities. The secret, if there was one that I’d admit, and what allowed me to do it was Virtual Assistants. I had over 30,000 Virtual Assistants registered to do a variety of work for me. Just one Virtual Assistant could help you double your current business for a fraction of what you’d imagine it’d cost. You get instant access to both the CraigsList Virtual Assistant Ad Checklist and ODesk Virtual Assistant Ad Checklist plus Sample Ads To Hire Virtual Assistants. Additionally, you’ll get an Employment Application and my Process Virtual Assistant Applicant Checklist which includes Virtual Assistant Interview Questions to make hiring a Virtual Assistant or two or three super easy. And when you’re ready to hire one you’ll find my Virtual Assistant Independent Contractor Agreement in both editable Microsoft Word and PDF.

Access Live Bird Dog Training

Plus, you get access to the live bird dog trainings that we do once a week to keep on the cutting edge and get any lingering questions answered.

If you don’t want to wait a week, you can also post questions about any checklist you have access to as a comment on the checklist and we can clarify, answer questions and make updates based on your comments.

Plus Audio and Video Training…

Plus, get access to audio training including the following audio training resources:

Jump Start With Immediate Access

All content above is delivered to you immediately after payment and is integrated right into the existing checklists, systems and training materials on your jamesorr.com account. Just login to access the new materials.

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