Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™

I personally guarantee that buyer clients working with me to buy a home in Fort Collins or Loveland will have the lowest monthly mortgage payment.

A strong promise built on a strong foundation of knowledge of what actually affects your monthly mortgage payment as described in my special report How To Minimize Your Monthly Payment.

How I Can Guarantee You The Lowest Monthly Mortgage Payment When Buying A Home In Fort Collins or Loveland

Use my comprehensive checklist that I use with my buyer clients for ensuring that you have minimized your monthly payment during the following home buying stages:

  • During the loan pre-qualification period where you are looking at a variety of loan programs and lenders
  • During the home selection period when you are working on improving your credit and your financials
  • During the offer and negotiation period where we are addressing choices that can have a dramatic impact on your monthly payments
  • During the pre-closing period where you are waiting to close on the purchase of your new home and up through the actual closing

Regardless of…

  • your credit situation,
  • the home you decide to buy,
  • which lender and loan you ultimately decide to use…

…I guarantee that if you follow each of the points on my checklist for minimizing your monthly payments that you will have the lowest monthly payment possible.

If you’re able to find a way to get a lower monthly payment–that’s not on my checklist–I’ll personally pay you $1,000 from my commission at closing on your new home with me. I’m willing to pay that just so I can add it to my checklist for future buyer clients to benefit from. Plus, you still get to keep the lowest monthly payment possible on your home purchase with me. Either way, you win knowing that my expertise is guaranteeing you the absolute lowest monthly mortgage payment.

Contact me if you would like to have me help you buy, sell or invest in real estate in Fort Collins or Loveland. Or, leave me a comment below.

Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ and other similar phrases are trademarks of James Orr. All rights reserved.

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