Marketing Processes and Metrics Spreadsheet

Last night at the Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group meeting, I taught a class called Motivated Sellers 101.

In that class I went over the newest version of my Marketing Processes and Metrics Spreadsheet. I've eliminated all the other marketing methods except for postcards, but added some other interesting outputs like finding tenant buyers that will buy properties from the MLS with my investor clients (brokerage), listing properties from sellers that opt not to accept my offer to buy the property, finding retail buyers by marketing listings and wholesaling or brokering some properties from sellers that are not deals I'd personally want.

Here is the updated image of that new spreadsheet:

2016-05-19 - Business Marketing Modeling for Investing and Brokerage

Download a copy of the newest version of the spreadsheet: 2016-05-07 – Personal Investing Business Marketing Tracking

In a future revision, I could add back in other types of marketing and have them merge back into the “Field Initial Calls” block.

Previous Versions

Previously, I had covered the older version in a class back in July, 2014. Here's the information from the previous class and version.

In that class I covered a large amount of detail of the The following is the 2nd draft of a spreadsheet I made that allows you to track the effectiveness of a variety of marketing methods for any business. I will be teaching this for the NCREIG group on July 30th, 2014.

Marketing Processes and Metrics Screenshot

Download 2014-07-23 – Business Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet.

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