Motivated Seller

When we buy houses we focus on buying from Motivated Sellers, but why?

Motivated Sellers typically need to sell right now. Motivated Sellers are typically not in a position to put their house up for sale with a Real Estate Agent and wait while the Real Estate Agent markets the property to find a cash buyer who may or may not close. If the sale falls through they may need to even start again. For Sellers that need to sell right now because they are behind on payments or can no longer afford to make payments this delay is not an acceptable option.

Motivated Sellers are often willing to trade equity in their house for a solution. “Sellers do not give away their equity… they trade it for value.” Motivated Sellers are willing to trade equity they might have in their house for solution to their current source of motivation (their problem).

Examples Of Motivation


  • They would rather have the peace of mind and closure from an ugly divorce in exchange for the $20,000 in equity the couple shared in the house
  • They would rather save their credit and avoid foreclosure and have us begin making payments on their loan and get their equity

Motivated Sellers often are flexible sellers. For someone that can wait for an all cash offer on their house it seems unbelievable that people will sell their house and allow people to just make payments on their existing loan, but motivated sellers often are ready to get out now and are willing to be flexible with how they get out. This gives us a great opportunity to both help them and also to buy houses creatively with very good terms. See Subject To, Lease Option and Owner Financing for more information.


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