Nomad™ 101

In its simplest form, the Nomad™ real estate investing model has you buy a home as an owner occupant, move into the home and live there for a year, then buy another home and convert the first home into a rental property.

Repeat this process until you own your desired number of properties. We usually use 10 when we discuss plain vanilla Nomad™.

It sounds so simple and it is. But, the financial results are nothing short of amazing.

The Best Real Estate Investing Strategy Ever

This video is of the updated presentation about Nomad™ James gave at NCREIG on June 19, 2019.

The following is a recorded version of the presentation I gave to the Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group the third week of February 2016 about Nomad™.

Nomad™ 101

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Nomad™ for more detailed information.

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