Pre-Paid Legal

I have been a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services since 1999 and found it to be invaluable in both my real estate business and personal life.

Team Leaders and Pre-Paid Legal

I insist that all my Team Leaders have their own Pre-Paid Legal Membership and strongly recommend that they also become an associate so they can offer the service to all the buyers, sellers, dream team members, bird dogs, wholesalers and real estate entrepreneurs they come in contact with while running their teams.

For Bird Dogs, Wholesalers and Real Estate Entrepreneurs: you really should have a Pre-Paid Legal membership if for no other reason than to get all your legal questions answered.

Real Estate Contracts And Paperwork

WARNING: DO NOT use contracts we give you without first having them reviewed and approved for use by your own attorney.

Like it or not real estate is a business that requires real estate contracts and paperwork. You NEED to have any paperwork you get reviewed by an attorney that is looking out for your best interest. Paperwork you buy from courses, get free online or get from a real estate agent all need to be reviewed by your own attorney. This is one of the great benefits of having a service like Pre-Paid Legal since you can have contracts reviewed by an attorney that is licensed to practice in your state and can tell you about differences and changes that need or should to be made to protect you and make sure you doing everything legally, honestly and ethically in your State.

Pre-Paid Legal Daily Checklist

While not a conventional Dream Team member, it is important to realize daily that you have access to top-notch legal advice on ANY topic. Use the Pre-Paid Legal contact in Highrise and the place on your Real Estate Investor Dream Team Checklist™ as a reminder to get your legal questions answered.

  • Log into your Highrise account.
  • Click on the “Tags” tab and select “Pre-Paid Legal”.
  • Think of any challenges or legal questions you might have in your business (or personal life). Contact Pre-Paid Legal to get answers.
  • Update your notes in Highrise with the questions you have and want to ask or that you just got an answer to.
  • Update or create a new task in Highrise for the next time you’d like to follow up.

Done considering contacting or contacting your Pre-Paid Legal service for today to get your legal questions answered?


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