Real Estate Agent Assistant Daily Checklist

The following are notes and models for hiring a Real Estate Agent Assistant to help in your real estate brokerage business.


Ideally, my Real Estate Agent Assistant will focus on the following:

  • Spend about half of the day doing activities that are marketing and/or focused on generating new or repeat business.
  • Set aside 20% of their day (about 3 Pomodoros per day) as flex time that can be used to write contracts and deal with other unplanned activities.
  • Add one new person to our database each day and create a “Lead” record for them in Nutshell.
  • Will work for about 40 hours per week
  • Take 30 vacation days per year
  • Complete 40 transactions in their first 12 months
  • Build up to a consistent 70 transactions per year
  • Increase average transaction size from $6K to $10K by 2019
  • Identify our top 50 by January 1, 2015
  • Build database that we believe we are their Real Estate Agent:
    • 200 people by January 1, 2015
    • 300 people by January 1, 2016
    • 350 people by January 1, 2017
    • 400 people by January 1, 2018
    • 450 people by January 1, 2019
    • 500 people by January 1, 2020


I suggest that my Real Estate Agent Assistant use Pomodoros as a means of measuring focused input and work. The following are different Pomodoros that I suggest. I also suggest whether they should be daily without question, based on flexible work, periodically (other than daily). As well as if I feel they directly contribute to revenue (we should focus as much on this as possible).

  1. Find Properties For Buyers (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Look at the newest properties that have come on to the MLS overnight with our clients needs in mind. Select properties that look interesting for those clients and email them the MLS sheet and the report for that property. Ask clients if they’d like to schedule a time for James to see it with them. Contact listing agents to ask questions for properties that look interesting if we need clarification or to get additional information (like what the rent is on properties that are rented and that might make good rental properties). Keep a short list of properties for James to show and/or preview.
  2. Seller Listings – Serve Existing Listings (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Go into Nutshell and process through checklists for each listing. These checklists include things like marketing the listings to other local agents, posting ads for the properties on websites, renewing CraigsList ads making sure the properties are syndicated properly, making sure we have yard signs up, following up for feedback from other agents, running new comparable sales, communicating with the Sellers (at least weekly), making sure files and paperwork are complete for closing, coordinating closing and closing out the file after closing. Sometimes this task will take up additional time (especially if we are dealing with important and urgent stuff preparing for a deadline or closing).
  3. Contract To Close For Buyers and Sellers (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Make sure that we are up to date on the checklists on Basecamp and Nutshell for all the buyers that we are helping buy properties. We may be moving away from Basecamp, but it is possible we will continue to use it just for the dates. This primarily includes:
    • Managing dates and deadlines
    • Making sure all paperwork is completed and ready for closing
    • Organizing and coordinating closing with other agents, lender and title
    • Scheduling final walk throughs
    • Coordinating inspections
    • Reminding Buyers about insurance, changing of utilities, mailbox keys and locks and preparing them for moving
    • Closing our file once the property has closed
  4. Seller/Buyer Listings – Prepare For New Listings (2 Pomorodo/Day) – If James is about to meet with a new buyer or seller, you’ll be spending this time pre-completing listing agreements with all the supporting paperwork. For listings, you’ll be running comparable sales data and including that as well. This can take some time, so we budget two pomodoros for this each day.
  5. Process Emails (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Spend this time processing emails to keep as close to inbox zero as possible. This is typically not considered a money producing activity, but rather an administrative activity. This is intended to be the time spent dealing with emails that come in that are not handled in other pomodoros, but if you have some extra time and want to start on those, that is fine too.
  6. Thank You Notes (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Based largely on The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Ninja Selling, Brian Buffini and Joe Stumpf. I’d ideally want my assistant to be doing at least 5 thank you notes a day, but the real constraint is a focused, uninterrupted 25 minutes of work towards this goal. My assistant will be going through my contact management database, Nutshell, and pull people that we have not sent a recent thank you note to or people that we recently met with or had a pleasant interaction with that warrant a thank you note. Prioritize recent meetings and referrals over people that I have not had contact with in awhile. My assistant will select the people to mail, address and stamp envelopes and provide me with the thank you note to hand write. They will then send them and update each of the contact records in Nutshell documenting in our CRM the date last sent thank you note field on that record and making a note.
  7. Invite People To NCREIG Meetings, Mastermind Group Meetings or other Events (1 Pomorodo/Day) – During this time block my assistant will be going through Nutshell and personally reaching out to people to invite them to NCREIG meetings, the mastermind group meetings and other parties and events we have. This is one of the ways that we want to strengthen our relationships with local real estate investors, business owners, buyers and sellers. We’ll primarily be using Nutshell and looking at people that we have not recently contacted (there is a way to sort contacts by date of last contact to achieve this).
  8. Invite to Lunch/Meeting (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Another thing I want me assistant to do is help me meet with real estate investors, core 50, business owners, buyers and sellers over lunch or coffee. My assistant will spend one pomodoro per day actively reaching out and setting up lunch meetings and coffee meetings with folks via email and using our link, currently set up at to allow them to pick the day and time for getting together with me. We will probably want to set up a couple variations for setting up meetings (like a different one for showings that uses a larger time block in the afternoon). Maybe even set up a different one for golf.
  9. Build Referral Directory (1 Pomorodo/Day) – A key part of our model is to connect with all the key industries and service providers anyone buying, selling or investing in property might need and as many of the business services a local business owner might need and develop great referral relationships with the best in class. One of the ways we will be working on this is by actively taking time each day to build a referral directory. My assistant will be reaching out to our contacts and asking them for specific referrals in each industry. My assistant will be reaching out to the businesses that have been referred and tell them that we are looking for someone we can refer our clients and contacts to. My assistant will also set up meetings with James to meet with each business that may appear in our referral directory so I can personally meet with them, learn more about them and make sure that they would be a good referral for our clients and contacts. My assistant will also be asking those that want to be included in our referral directory for references and calling on the references to vet each person included in our referral directory.
  10. Add People To Database (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Our goal is to add a new person to our database every day. My assistant will take business cards I collect as I meet new people and make sure they get added to our database, that we send them out a thank you note, that we add them to our 8×8 and 33 touch and that we stay in touch with them from that point on. This pomodoro is really just to take the time to add them to our database and add them to our processes.
  11. Postcards (1 Pomorodo/Day) – My assistant will be creating, fixing and making sure our postcards are being sent out. We send out postcards to unmet people about selling their homes. We also send out postcards to our contacts and my assistant will add to that postcard series and update that series to make sure it is appropriate.
  12. Identify and Establish Core 50 (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Our core 50 is so important that I’d like my assistant to spend a full pomodoro each time just making sure we’re actively working on identifying and growing that core 50. This gives my assistant ample time to tag people that we think may be our core 50, reach out to them to schedule meetings with James to see if they are and otherwise focus on identify and establish who the core 50 is.

Flexible Pomodoros

Do these as they come up. Some are super important and push other tasks aside. Others are to be done as possible.

  • Write Contracts and Addendums (2-3 Pomorodos As Needed) – Based on our goals, we should probably be doing this 2 to 3 times per week. That assumes we’re getting 30 to 50% of them accepted and closed to hit a goal of 50 closed transactions per year. This task jumps to the head of the line and supercedes almost all other activities (save maybe an emergency regarding closing or preparing for a time-sensitive appointment/showing) since it is so important.
  • Schedule Showings/Previews (1 Pomorodo/Day) – Many days my assistant will be taking a full pomodoro to schedule showings or previews. For showings, I’d like a full report and CloudCMA Buyers Guide done and emailed to the client. For previews, my assistant may be buyers and sellers where this house might be interesting and just let them know that James will be going to see it and that, at first glance, it could be interesting. We (meaning my assistant most likely) will let them know if James thinks it could be a good fit for them. My assistant should ask me about this proactively. The real task of scheduling showings and previews involves identifying the properties, printing out the MLS sheets, ordering them and calling the listing agent’s showing number and scheduling showings.

These are as time permits:

  • Download Data (1 Pomorodo/Day) – My assistant will export data from the MLS for the cities that we run additional analysis on and upload it to
  • Sort Data (1 Pomorodo/Day) – My assistant will sort the data that they’ve uploaded into subdivisions.
  • Tracking/Accounting (1 Pomorodo/Day) – My assistant will take this time to review the tracking and accounting data primarily on Nutshell to see how we’re doing. Things to review include: number of calls made, number of emails sent, number of meetings, number of leads and dollar amounts of those leads to make sure our pipeline of business looks healthy (if it is not, let James know) and more. We will set specific goals for each of these and work on improving on those numbers.
  • Organize (1 Pomorodo/Day) –
  • Errands (1 Pomorodo/Day) –

Consider Adding

Consider adding the following pomodoros:

  • Farm Subdivisions
  • Permission To Market Other Listings

Additional Resources

I have modeled what I’d like to see my Real Estate Agent Assistant doing based off a variety of relationship building business models (especially those for Real Estate Agents and Financial Advisors) as well as some key books. You’d do well to read through as many of them as possible if you’re considering using my Real Estate Agent Assistant Daily Checklist. Here are some of these resources as additional references:

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