Real Estate Agent Daily Marketing Checklist

The Daily Marketing Checklist is the second checklist to complete each day as a real estate agent. I’ve broken it down into major areas which I will cover in more detail in each of the sub checklists. The marketing for the Daily Marketing Checklist is vastly different than the Real Estate Investor Daily Marketing Checklist that I’ve used and taught for years.

I reserve the right to change and improve this checklist over time if I find the changes I make lead to improvements over time.

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Overview of the Daily Marketing Checklist

The first two steps of the Daily Marketing Checklist deals with your name tag and any branded clothing to attract clients while you’re out conducting business throughout the day.

The next few steps deal with making sure that you’re website and phone system is setup correctly.

Marketing your own listings is both critically important for providing outstanding service to your seller clients and also a very effective way to generate additional calls from buyers to represent it. Use the Marketing Your Listings Checklist to make sure you are doing all the things you should be doing to effectively market your listing each day.

Use the Marketing To Your Existing Contacts Checklist to make sure you keep focused on growing and staying connected to your own database.

The Marketing For Buyer Clients Checklist is a great list of processes and checklists for consistently generating new buyer inquiries which leads to new buyer clients to work with.

And finally, the Marketing For Seller Clients Checklist covers the processes and checklists for generating new seller inquiries which leads to new seller clients and listings that you can then market.

If you’re just getting started, you will likely not have any listings to market so you will be primarily focused on generating new clients to work with. Until you have some great automated systems in place I recommend selecting just a couple of the checklists above and do them consistently to get a steady flow of client inquiries coming in each day.

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