Real Estate Agent Listing Classified Ads Checklist

Use the Real Estate Agent Listing Classified Ads Checklist when you are starting to market your listing using classified ads. Classified ads include both print classified ads (which we rarely use anymore) and on-line classified ads like CraigsList (that we use a lot now).

  • Determine the types of classified ads you are going to use to market this listing. Options include:
    • Monthly payment based for sale ad (remember many buyers buy based on payments and not price)
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are talking about payments or any other trigger words, you need to fully disclose all terms per Regulation Z including Annual Percentage Rate (also know as APR). APR is not just the interest rate of the loan. This is really, really important.
    • Fixer upper (if it is a fixer upper… some buyers are only looking for a fixer upper)
    • Creative transaction (if your seller has agreed to consider creative transactions like Owner Financing or a lease-purchase)
    • Investor (run the numbers on it as an investment and make an ad based on that)
    • If seller would consider a lease-purchase, put up a lease purchase ad.
    • If seller would consider owner financing or wrap financing, put up a owner will help finance ad.
    • Traditional real estate ad (like that made by Postlets)
  • Place up the ads that you are running on:
    • CraigsList
    • Backpage
    • eBay Classifieds
  • Repost or renew these ads to keep maximum exposure as quickly as the websites you are posting to will allow.


  • Some people still use print classified ads in some markets. For example, in our local market you may want to try:
    • Coloradoan classifieds
    • Reporter Herald classifieds
    • American Classifieds

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