Real Estate Agent Listing Yard Sign Checklist

Use the Real Estate Agent Listing Yard Sign Checklist to make sure that you have your yard sign up at any listings you have. Yard signs are an important way to designate that a home is for sale and a critically important way to get buyer calls that sell homes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I usually complete this checklist and put up my yard sign at the end of my listing presentation, but if you’re going to do this you absolutely must get your property entered into the MLS and submitted to the showing service within hours of putting up your sign. If there is going to be any delay, make a second trip to get your yard sign up.

  • Usually your yard sign should be positioned so that it is seen by traffic driving by.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some homes legitimately need two (or more) yard signs to get proper exposure. Some limited examples of this include:
      • Homes that back to a busy street where you should have a sign in the front and a sign in the back facing the busy street to get maximum exposure
      • Homes on corners where it would be advantageous to have separate signs for one side and the other
  • WARNING: Be very careful about sprinkler systems when placing your yard signs.
  • Use a mini-sledge hammer to drive your sign into the ground. I drive my signs into the ground at least 6 inches and usually a little more so they do not fall over.
  • Signs should include your main brokerage sign with your brokerage’s name and number on it (as required by law) as well as your name, your direct local or toll-free number (often as a sign rider)


  • Some people will register a domain name for the property and market that property’s domain name on their yard sign. I do not do that.
  • Some people will use a 24 hour recorded information line with a recorded message about the property as their sign rider. I do this.

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