Real Estate Agent Verify Website Checklist

Before you continue to do marketing to promote your website as real estate agent, I strongly suggest that you check to make sure your website is up and running.

  • Checking your website should be done whenever new advertising is put out (that’s daily) or at least once per week. I strongly recommend daily.
  • Update Property Data Checklist
  • In addition to manually checking, I recommend you also sign up for a service like Pingdom that will automatically check the availability of your website every 5 minutes and notify you if the server goes down.
  • If you are having your website forms send a copy of the email request to Highrise, then double check to make sure that it is recording the new email to your Highrise account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pingdom and manually checking your website check two different things. Pingdom checks to see if your website is up and responding. It will not tell you if your content is messed up or your website is showing someone else’s website because of an error somewhere.

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