Real Estate Investor Affirmations

After completing your Empowering Daily Questions, take a few minutes to read through aloud, visualize and meditate on key affirmations about your real estate investing business and how you want it to be.

Speaking your affirmations out loud is a critical part. Do not just read silently.

If you’re serious about maximizing the speed of effectiveness of your growth as a real estate entrepreneur, I recommend repeating these affirmations at least 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and right before you go to bed) and ideally more. They are intended to remind us of how we want our real estate business to look.

Personal Development Affirmations

  • I take 100% responsibility for my life and my results regardless of conditions.
  • I am grateful and appreciate all that I have and the unlimited opportunities available to me.
  • I am a person of action and act despite fear, doubt and uncertainty.
  • I am a creative problem solver and use my creativity to conquer adversity.
  • We get what we expect and not what we deserve and I am constantly expanding my beliefs about what is possible for me and those around me.
  • Small victories lead to larger victories and I grow stronger and more optimistic with every victory small or large.
  • I seek new challenges and stretch myself beyond my past accomplishments.
  • I am rewarded for adding value to the marketplace and I consistently add value to the lives of others. The more value I add, the more I am rewarded.
  • I am a person of integrity and I keep promises made to myself and others.

Professional Development Affirmations

  • Pareto has proven that we get the majority of our results from the vital few (instead of the trivial many), so I consistently review, focus and invest resources in my top priorities.
  • I live in a world of abundance and see exceptional opportunities for growth and new profits.
  • I help all types of homeowners sell quickly and easily at a fair price in win-win transactions.
  • I help my buyers build equity and enjoy home ownership.
  • I help my private lenders earn higher rates of return on their cash.
  • I begin with the end in mind and focus on achieving my goals.
  • I commit to blocking out my time because there is always enough time to get my most important tasks done.
  • I expand my personal power by using systems, checklists, processes and working with great people.
  • My thoughts, ideas and actions are sources of income and profits for myself and my associates.
  • I constantly expand my knowledge of my local real estate market.
  • I am financially and spiritually rewarded for constantly adding more value to the marketplace.
  • I continue to expand and give back to my community.
  • The habits, attitudes, beliefs, expectations and income levels of those I spend time with rub off on me the more that I spend time with them, so I am careful about who I spend time with.

Generating Leads and Finding Deals

  • Meeting new people is critical to my success so I am constantly looking for opportunities to network and meet with others.
  • Everyone must know what I do. I do my part by constantly telling new people I meet and remind people that know me what I do.
  • I am committed to time blocking each day periods for marketing and generating leads and use that time effectively.
  • I expand my network daily by getting out 10 business cards each day.
  • I dominate a narrowly defined geographic market with my marketing.
  • I am willing to repeatedly spend up to $2,000 in marketing to generate at least 30 leads.
  • I plan ahead and budget enough money to reach my goals each month.
  • I use cost effective ads, flyers, signs and direct mail and hold it accountable for results.
  • I repeat mailings to the best mailing lists over multiple months for maximum results.
  • I track my results and hold my marketing ruthlessly accountable for great results.
  • I review the results of my marketing for feedback and improve on what is working best.
  • Each person I meet is an opportunity to expand my sphere of influence and positively impact the lives of even more people through referrals. I ask for these opportunities by asking for referrals.
  • I focus on generating cash now, cash flow and wealth building to meet my needs.

Pre-screening and Deal Analysis

  • Follow up is critical and so I schedule blocks of time for following up with leads, deals and potential deals.
  • Talking to sellers is one of the highest value activities I can do so I have calls answered live or returned in less than 24 hours.
  • My business is setup to make it easy for leads to respond to my marketing and reach a live person.
  • I gather the information I need to pre-screen and analyze a deal efficiently.
  • If I am dealing with a local seller, I focus on getting an appointment instead of negotiating on the phone.
  • As soon as I realize it is a non-deal, I move on to the next deal.
  • My schedule is filled with appointments with qualified prospects.
  • Knowing the true value of a property is critically important so I always determine a realistic value while analyzing a property.
  • I always come up with several exit plans for a deal I am considering.
  • People do business with people they know, like and trust so I spend time building rapport with prospects.
  • I am a professional and so I control the conversation with prospects.
  • I focus on working with the highest qualified prospects.
  • I am rewarded for adding value and so I seek out every prospects true motivation and reasons for doing business with me.
  • I consistently meet with at least 10 sellers that owe less than what I would consider buying the property for and would be able to accept my offer out of every 30 leads.
  • A seller/deal is qualified if I would consider buying their property for what they owe (or more).

Buying and Negotiating

  • I focus on and buy deals that excite me.
  • I use powerful tools like my seller presentation and build value during every seller appointment.
  • My intention when I meet with sellers is to get a signed contract.
  • I focus on presenting to all decision makers at the same time whenever possible.
  • A “no” indicates a need for more information so I am willing to take several “no”s when closing with the seller.
  • I get at least one signed contract for every 10 seller appointments.
  • I can sell my contract if I need to generate at least $10,000 in cash.
  • I focus on and consistently net over $20,000 in profits on each deal I close on.
  • I give sellers a choice between several offers that would all work for me and allow them to pick the best one.
  • I make sure that I have plenty of time to perform on my obligations including seller financing.
  • The real rewards are in the follow up so I follow up with sellers who did not accept my offer.

Funding Deals and Raising Cash

  • I prepare to win in advance by having sources of cash available to close on any great opportunities.
  • I fund deals without relying on any of my own cash or credit.
  • I earn a cash profit at the beginning of the deal from buyer down payments.
  • I pull part of my cash profit out of the deal when I buy using the property’s equity whenever I need cash.
  • I share my great private lender program with everyone I know and meet.
  • I have and continue to grow a list of private investors waiting excitedly to invest with me.
  • I save 10% of all my cash collected to build a year of cash reserves.
  • I keep overhead, expenses and wasteful spending down to a minimum.
  • I invest in services and systems that save me time, money and frustration.
  • I collect a paycheck that is more than enough to meet my personal cash requirements.

Selling Quickly and Easily

  • I always have several exit plans on every property.
  • I consistently resell or occupy each property I buy within 60 days by buying right and structuring deals that are win-win for all involved.
  • I buy properties correctly so I can resell with the advantage of attractive terms and/or price.
  • I consistently run my systems for selling as soon as I have an accepted agreement to purchase the property.
  • I am always looking for and finding qualified buyers fast and easily with signs, ads, flyers and from my own buyers list.
  • I delay talking about terms or concessions until a buyer has seen and wants my property.
  • I consistently place pretty houses in top condition to get the maximum price.
  • I usually make bigger profits by retailing wholesale deals instead of wholesaling even considering offering a smaller retail discount instead of larger wholesale discounts.
  • I know what my wholesale buyers want and will pay for wholesale deals.

If you have others you use that you’d like to see added to this list, please make a comment below.

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