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The following Daily Marketing Checklist™ is the second most important checklist for your to use as a Real Estate Investor and it is second only to the Goals Checklist™ that you should be using daily to make sure you start each day off knowing the ultimate direction and goals of your real estate investing business.

The Daily Marketing Checklist™ is made up of 8 major parts and some marketing related business management that you should do as you put out marketing. Here they are in order of importance and in order that you should do them each day:

Once you’re done, you’ll probably want to return to the Daily Checklist™ to move on to the Sellers Checklist™.

Daily Marketing Checklist™ Overview

The following is a very brief overview of what you can expect to find in each of the major parts of the Daily Marketing Checklist™.

In the Marketing To Buy Checklist™ you will find checklists for completing all your marketing to buy homes as a real estate investor.

The Marketing To Sell Checklist™, on the other hand, is full of checklists for selling properties you’ve purchased and building a buyers list (both traditional owner occupant buyers and investor/wholesale buyers).

In the Marketing To Rent Checklist™ you will get all the checklists to use when trying to occupy a property for rent. Getting properties occupied quickly greatly improves positive cash flow and so completing the Marketing To Rent Checklist™ daily is important and profitable.

Use the Marketing To Rent To Own Checklist™ on the properties that you are looking to sell on a Rent To Own to Tenant Buyers instead of just renting or selling outright.

Finding the right team members (like me as your Fort Collins Real Estate Broker) is important and takes some focused effort. Use the Marketing To Hire Checklist™ to find the right team members and hire them.

Unless you have access to unlimited funds, you may want to spend some time each day using the Marketing For Private Money Checklist™ to raise all the private money you need to do as many real estate transactions as you care to do. The more private money you have the more homes you can buy. It’s that simple.

If you plan to find and partner with others to do more deals that you might not otherwise be able to do on your own, then use the Marketing For Joint Venture Partners Checklist™ to find more Joint Venture Partners.

And finally, the two management tasks are covered in the Verify Phone and Website Checklist™ which has you check to make sure the important tools you are using in your marketing are working correctly. Make sure your phone system and website are up as you continue to put out more marketing. Few things are as frustrating as doing a lot of work daily on marketing for your Fort Collins real estate investing business only to find out that your phone system is not setup or people are not able to request information on your website. Trust me; I’ve messed it up before and it is not fun.

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