Real Estate Investor Initial Call Back Checklist

The Initial Call Back Checklist™ is used to address seller inquiries when we have not had an opportunity to complete a Property Information Sheet™ on the telephone with the Seller.

Using a Property Information Sheet™ instead of blank sheets a paper will help you remember to get all the relevant data you need to properly research the property and create offers to present to the seller. I also recommend studying and practicing with an Initial Call Back Script™ before making the calls so you know how to phrase the questions to get the information you need to complete the Property Information Sheet™.

Once you are able to complete the Property Information Sheet™, the seller should change their status from an Initial Call Back to the Research. This will remind you that you need to complete your research on the property and prepare offers using the Research Checklist.

As soon as you complete the telephone call you should also drop a copy of your Credibility Packet in the mail that has information about why they should consider selling their property to you along with testimonials. This will help when you move to the presenting stage.

If you are unable to connect with the seller to complete the Property Information Sheet™, you should leave a message each time and call back for 3 consecutive days before changing your call back frequency to once per week. I recommend stop calling after a month of no return calls which works out to be 7 calls.

Initial Call Back Checklist™

  • Grab a blank Property Information Sheet™ if there is not one already in the Seller Property Information File.
  • Use the Property Information Sheet™ to gather information using the Initial Call Back Script as a guide.
  • Once you have received a complete Property Information Sheet™, change the seller's status to Research and send out a copy of our Credibility Packet via first class mail.
  • If you are unable to connect with the seller, please use the Seller Follow-Up Date Guidelines (described below) to set a follow-up date to try to call them again if they do not call you back.

Once you have completed the initial call and you have an appointment to meet the seller and see the property scheduled, then:

  • Add the seller to Highrise with the following Highrise Tags:
    • Seller
    • Research
    • Source of the lead (how the seller found you)
  • Add the property to Highrise in the Deals section.
  • Add the appointment to your calendar:
    • If you are going on the appointment yourself: add your appointment with the seller to your Google Calendar and Highrise as a task.
    • If you are having your Acquisition Manager or Wholesaler go on the appointment: send an appointment invitation via Google Calendar with the seller to your Acquisition Manager or Wholesaler and assign a task for the appointment to them on your Highrise account.
  • Move the Seller Property Information File™ that you created to 2. Research folder since it is now done with the Intial Call Back and it is in the Research status.

Seller Follow-Up Date Guidelines

If you do not get through to a seller, you should:

  • Call them daily for the first 3 days and leave a message each time.
  • Call them once per week after that and leave a message each time.
  • If you are receiving return calls, but keep missing each other continue trying.
  • If after a month the seller has not attempted to reach you and you have been leaving messages as directed above then change their status to Dead.

Overview of the Initial Call Back Checklist™

In a future update, I will be adding a detailed narrative to supplement information already provided. In the meantime, contact me if you need help.

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