Real Estate Team Leader

A Real Estate Team Leader (often just called Team Leader) is for people that are putting together teams of:

James often hires Team Leaders to run teams using his Team Leader Daily Checklist in an assigned city, but the same Team Leader Daily Checklist can be used by anyone interested in growing, managing and running a team. You can get access to Team Leader Training and use the same checklists yourself.

Team Leader Daily Follow Up Checklist

This should not be confused with the Team Leader Daily Checklist that Team Leaders use to keep track of the things they should be doing each day. This is for making contact with Team Leaders.

As part of your daily Dream Team Checklist you should use the following as a guide for making contact with key Dream Team members like Team Leaders:

  • Log into your Highrise account.
  • Click on the “Tags” tab and select “Team Leader”.
  • If you do not have any or you want more, use Business Networking or marketing to find additional ones to add to your Dream Team.
  • Process each contact record with that tag:
    • You should make contact at least once a month to keep “top of mind awareness” to maximize referrals and look for new opportunities between you.
    • Team Leaders may have contact with Bird Dogs that can help you find and research deals.
    • Team Leaders may have Wholesalers that can help find you additional deals or help you sell your wholesale deals to their buyers list.
    • Team Leaders may have great Dream Team contacts.
    • Update your notes in Highrise for that contact.
    • Update or create a new task in Highrise for the next time you’d like to follow up if you do not hear back from them.
    • If it has been more than 6 attempts at contact with no replies, consider removing them from your contact list in Highrise.


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