Rent-To-Own FAQs

Are you considering looking for a home that you can ultimately buy, but may want to rent it for a period of time before buying? If you’re seeking one of these creative home buying opportunities in Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor then please read through the following Rent To Own FAQs about buying a Rent To Own home (either a Lease Purchase or a Lease Option).

IMPORTANT NOTE: From time to time, I have investor clients (and sometimes ones that partner with me) that are willing to buy a property from the MLS that are for sale that are not otherwise being offered on a Rent To Own and then offer them to you (or another Tenant Buyer) on a Rent To Own. Contact me for more information.

You can always contact me for additional information or with questions that are not yet answered below (Fort Collins was not built in a day you know) or check out our list of Rent To Own homes in Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor.

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