Retail Buyer

A Retail Buyer is a buyer of a property that is paying retail or close to retail price for a property. Usually, but not always, these buyers are going to be living in the property (owner occupant buyer) since investor buyers will usually want to be buying property at a discount from full retail price.

Terms Versus Price

Many retail buyers are more sensitive to terms (monthly payment amount) instead of the price of the property. You can market your properties focusing on terms instead of price and, whenever possible, be flexible in your terms instead of being flexible in your price to gain a marketing advantage when competing directly with real estate agent listed property in the Multiple Listing Service.

Highrise Tags

We separate out Retail Buyers from investor buyers by using different tags in Highrise and different buyers lists.

As we explain in more detail when discussing Highrise Tags, we use the following tags for buyers:

  • Buyer Initial Call Back – When we have tagged them to be called back for the first time.
  • Active Buyer – While they are still actively looking to buy a property and have not asked us to remove them from our buyers list.
  • Tenant Buyer – If they are currently a tenant in a property with an option or contract to purchase the property.


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