Small Business

This is a placeholder page for ideas related to small business.

  • Small Business Marketing Plans (by industry and/or generalized one)
  • Hire commission only sales professionals (The Ultimate Sales Machine, Great Salespeople Aren't Born, They're Hired: The Secrets To Hiring Top Sales Professionals)
  • Team Building
  • Hiring
  • CL Ads
  • Geographic versus Industry
  • CL Ads
  • By industry
  • By widget
  • Create widgets
  • Outsource them
  • Setup and document systems (Checklist Manifesto)
  • Convert! by Ben Hunt
  • Horse Races
  • Analytics

Marketing A XYZ Business

  • Link to XYZ Dream Team page and tag it
  • Lazy and Poor Marketing Methods
  • List Poor Marketing methods for that industry and list Lazy Marketing methods for that industry
  • USP – Things that make XYZ businesses: normal, exceptional, extra-ordinary (referrals are based on being better than normal… exceptional)
  • Stay In Touch with existing clients (list postcards, letters, thank you notes, email blast, personal emails… make more offers via Dan Kennedy Power Points)
  • Attract New Clients
  • Heirarchy of Communication

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