Title Company

In many areas you will be using a Title Company to close on your real estate transactions.

A Title Company will provide you with Title Insurance which insures that you have clear title to the property when you buy. Many Title Companies will have a Title Attorney on staff and I have been able to talk to the Title Attorney to address unusual situations when I’ve encountered.

Local Real Estate Investors can recommend a good local Title Company to work with, but you can also get great recommendations from Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers. You may also want to read through our list of Title Company Interview Questions to get some ideas of questions you may want to ask when interviewing a potential Title Company to work with.

Your Title Company may be willing (but not always) to help you with paperwork including Contracts, Promissory Notes, Deeds Of Trust and more.

Title Companies can be a great source of referrals to other services like 1031 Exchange intermediaries.

Title Company Daily Checklist™

As part of your daily Real Estate Investor Dream Team Checklist you should use the following as a guide for making contact with key Dream Team members like your Title Company:

  • Log into your Highrise account.
  • Click on the “Tags” tab and select “Title Company”.
  • If you do not have any or you want more, use Business Networking or marketing to find additional ones to add to your Dream Team.
  • Process each contact record with that tag:
    • You should make contact at least once a month to keep “top of mind awareness” to maximize referrals and look for new opportunities between you.
    • Each Title Company is different but you may be able to get contracts and other paperwork.
    • Title Companies may be able to provide with tools for looking up Comparable Sales.
    • Title Companies may be able to provide with mailing lists for marketing to buy and sell and building your buyers list. It may fulfill your need for a Mailing List Broker.
    • Update your notes in Highrise for that contact.
    • Update or create a new task in Highrise for the next time you’d like to follow up if you do not hear back from them.
    • If it has been more than 6 attempts at contact with no replies, consider removing them from your contact list in Highrise.

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