Top 10 Referral Categories

A Business Coach assigned our group some homework for our next coaching session:

  1. Read the short article at
  2. Write down your own list of 10 categories of people who would be good referral sources for you, and bring it to our discussion.

So, here are my top categories of people I get referrals from right now (did not quite get to 10):

  1. Real Estate Investors
  2. Other Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  3. Small Retail Business Owner (kind of vague I know)
  4. Mortgage Broker
  5. Hard Money Lender
  6. Certified Financial Planner
  7. Friends and family – not specific to an industry

And here are some that I think would be good referral partners but I have not focused on and have not, to date, received many referrals from:

  1. Businesses related to weddings (people getting married often buy and sell houses)
  2. Businesses related to babies (people having children tend to buy and sell houses)
  3. Business related to job placement (people getting new jobs and promotions tend to buy and sell houses)
  4. Contractors and tradesman (people having work done on their house are often considering selling)
  5. CPAs, Accountants and Bankers (are advising clients about planning and changes in their life)

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