Verify 24 Hour Recorded Information Line Checklist

Use this to verify that the 24 Hour Recorded Information Line is setup and functioning properly.

Marketing can be expensive and I’d rather see you check your 24 Hour Recorded Information Line than to waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on marketing and driving calls to a system that is setup incorrectly or not functioning. I am speaking from experience. Check your 24 Hour Recorded Information Line often. We include it as part of the Daily Marketing Checklist so that you check it daily.

Checking our phone number should be done whenever new advertising is put out (that’s daily) or at least once per week. We recommend daily.

Check each of these 24-hour message recordings by calling the number and entering the extension for each of the following (see List of Telephone Extensions to get the extensions):

You can access a list of the Telephone Scripts that we have as well if you need to record one.


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