Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

The follow are some questions you will want to use when interviewing potential Virtual Assistants as part of the Process Virtual Assistant Applicant Checklist.

I recommend that you either print this out and make notes that you will transfer to Highrise or, as I prefer, copy and paste them to Highrise and just make notes as you go.

Real Estate Investing Experience

  • What attracts you to real estate investing and specifically researching properties?
  • Have you done much real estate investing yourself? What? Tell me about your experience.
  • Are you planning to just do research and help us or do you plan to buy properties yourself?
  • Have you had any training doing bird dogging? Wholesaling? Real estate investing? What exactly?

Technology Questions

  • Have you used Gmail as your email provider? That is what we use.
  • Have you ever used the customer relationship management service Highrise? That is what we use to manage our contacts and things to do.
  • Have you ever used the online file sharing service Dropbox? That is what we use to keep our files including seller property files shared for our team.
  • Have you ever used Skype? We may use this to communicate amongst ourselves. This is especially helpful if your Virtual Assistant is not US based.
  • Have you ever used Campfire? We may use that to do online chats.
  • Have you ever used Google Talk? We may use that do instant messaging and online chats.
  • Have you ever used GotoMeeting or GotoWebinar? We may use that for meetings where you I need to see your computer screen or you need to see my computer screen.
  • Do you have any experience posting ads on CraigsList?


  • Is this a short term position for you?
  • How long do you see yourself in the real estate investing field?
  • Why are you doing this type of work? Money? Helping people that need to sell? Helping investors find great deals?
  • Do you have written goals? Do you have financial goals that you need to reach with this work? Amount? Time frame?


“We get what we expect, not what we deserve.”

  • What do you think the most challenging part of this work will be?
  • What do you think the most rewarding part of this work will be?
  • How many properties do you think you'll be able to research for us each week? Walk me through the process, what's involved and time you'd spend doing that for us?
  • How much of a discount on price makes a property a good deal for an investor?
  • Are they are other things that would make a property attractive to an investor besides a discount on the purchase price? What?


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