Wholesaling is the process of finding a great real estate deal, putting that deal under contract for you to buy it usually, but not always, with the right for you to assign the contract to someone else, and then finding someone to either assign the contract to or who will buy the property from you usually the same day you close on it. It is one of many Investor Business Models.

Wholesaling is a great way for Real Estate Entrepreneurs to learn their real estate market, generate immediate income while learning the business and find great deals for themselves. Real Estate Wholesalers can learn and improve on key skills like marketing to buy and sell properties.

Wholesaling consists of the following process (as shown above):

I am a strong advocate of Wholesaling real estate and strongly encourage anyone interested in learning how to invest in real estate to consider Wholesaling first.

Wholesaling Resources

We offer an extensive collection of articles, checklists, forms and strategies specifically for Wholesaling real estate.

If you are new to the idea of wholesaling real estate, you may find the following resources great places to start and deepen your knowledge and skills:

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